Dr. Fazil Kucuk, was Commemorated by Dr. Faz?l Kucuk Faculty of Medicine by His Grave

Eastern Meditteranean University (EMU) Dr. Fazil Kucuk Faculty of Medicine Dean, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emre Hamurtekin along with teaching staff and students, commemorated the leader that led the Turkish Cypriots to freedom, Dr. Fazil Kucuk, on the 36th anniversary of his death, by his grave at Anittepe.

After they laid a wreath on the monument, EMU Dr. Fazil Kucuk Medicine Faculty Dean Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emre Hamurtekin made a statement: As the EMU Dr. Fazil Kucuk Faculty of Medicine family, we commemorate our communal leader Dr. Fazil Kucuk on this very day 36 years after his death, with gratitude, respect and mercy. The fact that the institution I work for carries the name of our society leader Dr. Fazil Kucuk gives me great pride and in this sense, it makes us more aware of the responsibility upon us. For this reason, we must continually try and carry Dr. Fazil Kucuk Faculty of Medicine to better places, without stopping.

Dr. Fazil Kucuk Faculty of Medicine teaching staff Asst. Prof. Dr. Ergul Mutlu Altundag and Asst. Prof. Dr. Masoud Afshani stated that in the name of Dr. Fazil Kucuk, they display every effort within the areas of science, education and teaching. On this important day, the students said they will develop themselves in light of Dr. Fazil Kucuk’s principles of medicine and life perspective, while simultaneously remaining sensitive towards social events, becoming conscientious individuals. The went on to say to say that studying in a faculty that carries Dr. Fazil Kucuk’s name gives them much pride.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University