Downward trend in non performing facilities continues, Cyprus Central Bank says

The Central Bank of Cyprus has said that on the basis of data for the month of July this year on non-performing facilities relating to the local operations of all banks in Cyprus the trend continues to be downward.

According to the data it published on Tuesday, non performing facilities at the end of July stood at Euros 24,662 million compared to Euros 24,699 million at the end of June.

At the same time, out of the Euros 13,700 million facilities which had been restructured at the end of July, Euros 10,272 million continued to be classified as non performing.

Total facilities at the end of July stood at Euros 49,640 million compared to Euros 49,950 at the end of June and Euros 58,204 million at the end of December in 2015.

As evident from the data, the Central Banks press release says, “the downward trend in non-performing facilities continues.”

The CBC “will provide further comments following the completion of the data collection relating to the third quarter of 2016,” it concludes.

Source: Cyprus News Agency