Doctors respond to Cyprus Medical Association’s call for COVID-19 containment effort

So far 72 doctors have responded to a call by the Cyprus Medical Association to join the effort to contain the coronavirus outbreak, its President Petros Agathangelou has told CNA, adding that the deadline originally set for noon, has been extended until 2000 hours on Wednesday evening.

Agathangelou who had been asked about the interest expressed by its members so far to contribute in the effort to contain the outbreak, said that “until now we have 72 expressions of interest.”

He added that members of the medical association had been in touch asking for the initial deadline of 1200 hours to be extended and that this request has been granted, with a new deadline for the expression of interest set at 2000 hours local time.

At the same time, he expressed his satisfaction because the Cyprus Medical Association’s members “responded positively to our call.”

Agathangelou recalled that at least 70% of the association’s members are already under contract with the new national health system and are paid by the state, adding that public health centers which will be set up could be staffed by general practitioners.

He explained that the reason he put in motion the process of doctors expressing their interest is to “enhance the effort once doctors are called on to man secondary and tertiary medical care for patients in the public hospitals, particularly when colleagues are relocated to staff units which will be established in order to deal with confirmed cases inside the hospitals.”

Asked about the specialties of doctors who have expressed interest to take part in the effort, he replied that the final analysis for different specialties and cities will be done once all expressions of interest are submitted and that distribution should be made equally.

Agathangelou reiterated the need for “serious safety measures” to be in place for doctors who will join the effort to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

Source: Cyprus News Agency