Director of CNN Turk News Programs in EMU

The “Television Journalism” workshop organised by Cinema and Television Department between 8 and 12 May 2017 created a platform bringing together Director of CNN Turk News Programs Assist. Prof. Dr. Cansel Poyraz Akyol and Communication Faculty students.

Along with students, research assistants and academic staff members also participated in the event. During his opening address, Acting Dean of Communication Faculty, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Agah Gumus stated that the faculty will continue to organise events bringing together students and sectoral representatives. Stating that he finds the students lucky in this respect, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Agah Gumus expressed his and the faculty’s pleasure in hosting a professional who will provide her experiences as well as practical information for students.

Having undertaken duties as the coordinator and news editor of many programs including “Ahmet Hakan ile Tarafsiz BAllge”, “Sirin Payzin ile Ne Oluyor?”, “Insanlik Hali”, “Gundem Ozel”, “Mirgun Cabas ile Her Sey”, “Tecrube Konusuyor” and “Gun Basliyor”, Cansel Poyraz Akyol first provided information on the operation of CNN Turk through videos. Providing her experiences on “Television Journalism”, Akyol added that a news channel is a place where there is non-stop work 24/7. According to Akyol, all staff working there needs to be well aware of the agenda and current events.


Talking about news reporting, Akyol stated that the art of reporting is knowing what needs to be covered in news. Akyol also put forth that current events should be carefully followed and selected. Hence, you need to read and listen to others a lot.

Internship for the Student with the Best Performance

Akyol also stated that they will be giving an internship practice opportunity at CNN Turk News Center for a student who demonstates the best performance during the 5-day workshop. During the second half of the organisation, Akyol delivered a presentation on the preparation of a bulletin and presenting news in front of the camera.

Stating her pleasure in the student participants’ performance, Akyol added that they will also hold a news meeting with students on the current events specified. The first day of the event finished with a group photo.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University