Diplomatic efforts underway for the necessary corrections to the draft UNSG’s report on Cyprus, says President Anastasiades

President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades said that diplomatic efforts are underway for the necessary corrections to the draft UNSG’s reports so that they reflect reality.

Speaking to reporters after arriving at CyBC for the New Year’s gathering, the President extended wishes for better days for Cyprus. “More importantly, I wish that the new year signals a new start to deter and avert what Turkey has been pursuing for decades” he said.

Wishing the people health, progress and welfare, the President remarked that in 2023 after he leaves office, he will rest and then decide how to remain active. He also said half his life he has been involved in politics so he will not stop caring for the issues that concern Cyprus.

Asked if the Government is satisfied with the wording of the draft reports of the UN Secretary-General on Cyprus, President Anastasiades replied “without a doubt not, but we are talking about a draft. You must understand that diplomatic efforts are being made in order to achieve the necessary corrections, so that what is recorded in the draft corresponds to reality, which at this moment the draft does not reflect adequately.”

Invited to comment on the inauguration of the football field in the Nicosia buffer zone, President Anastasiades said “that is why I say that the United Nations should be particularly careful, objective, and the different actions or different reports should record the instructions given by Security Council resolutions and particularly the parameters within which the UN Secretary-General and his representatives should move either in Cyprus or elsewhere.”

Source: Cyprus News Agency