DIKO, EDEK and Solidarity agree on Papadopoulos’ candidacy for presidential elections

Three centrist parties agreed on Monday on a common candidate for the 2018 presidential elections in Cyprus.

Center � right DIKO, the socialist party EDEK and the Solidarity Movement announced after a joint meeting today that Nicolas Papadopoulos, leader of DIKO, will be their common candidate for the presidential elections due next year.

EDEK President, Marinos Sizopoulos, told the press after the meeting that the Presidents of DIKO, EDEK and Solidarity have decided to propose the candidacy of Nicolas Papadopoulos to the collective bodies of their parties for approval.

He added that the Greens will take the proposal to their collective bodies to reach a decision as soon as possible.

According to Sizopoulos the President of the Citizens Alliance, Giorgos Lillikas, expressed his disagreement over the procedure followed for the selection of the common candidate.

Sizopoulos said that Lillikas put forward his partys proposal to hold elections for the selection of the common candidate and referred to the need for a prior agreement on the basic principles of the governmental programme of the common candidate.

Source: Cyprus News Agency