Digitalization brings EU together for the benefit of its people, says President of Bulgaria

The EU and its people must stay connected and united in order to struggle for their security and one way to do so is through digitalization, the President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev has said.

Radev, who is paying Cyprus an official visit, was invited to give a speech at the University of Cyprus on Tuesday, titled Europe on the way towards the digital future. Before addressing the students, the faculty and the guests, Radev presented the Rector Professor Constantinos Christofides with a sculpture of John Vincent Atanasoff, an American physicist and inventor of Bulgarian descent, best known for being credited with inventing the first electronic digital computer.

President of Bulgaria said that both Cyprus and Bulgaria and their people share common values and a long history, adding that they can enhance their cooperation in the EU. He said that digitalization is an issue that is high on the agenda of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU, pointing out that nowadays education through digitalization is a bridge that connects people. He said that him or she who will be able to be master of the information, will be master of the future.

Ramev said that our world nowadays faces challenges, it is highly unpredicted, violent, controversial and competitive and we can be successful only if we stay united, especially in the EU. In his speech the President of Bulgaria also added that in order to stay united we must stay connected digitally.

He referred to the single digital market which is a priority in the EU pointing out however that the results and the surveys show that the citizens of the EU lag behind in issues related to the digital agenda, such as shopping online.

He also referred to the relation between information and knowledge saying that the future belongs to those who will manage to get the information first and transform it into knowledge. Bulgarian President also raised the issue of wisdom and knowledge as well as the ethical and moral restrictions. Radev also said that the questions of protection of data, of security, human rights, censorship etc should be dealt with in a way that involves both the governments, the private sector and the NGOs, adding that it is extremely important to build consensus.

In his introductory speech the Rector of the University, Professor Constantinos Christofides said that Bulgaria has supported Cyprus in difficult times and continues to show solidarity. He said that the topic of digitalization especially in the EU is a significant one because it defines our future.

Source: Cyprus News Agency