Diaspora in the US sends letter to President Trump over Varosha

Τhe Greek and Cyprus Diaspora in the United States has sent a letter to President Donald Trump over the illegal opening of the fenced-off town of Varosha, asking for sanctions against Turkey.


The open letter which was published in the Washington Times under the headline “Dear President Trump, Tell Erdogan to keep his #HandsOffVarosha” is signed by AHEPA, ΑΗΙ, PSEKA, HALC and the Federation of Cypriot American Organizations.


“The undersigned organizations and Greek and Cypriot Americans across America are outraged over Turkey`s illegal reopening of the beach town of Varosha in Cyprus. Varosha has been and should remain a symbol of potential peace. It has been kept a “ghost town” by Turkish occupation forces for 46 years – devoid of human settlement and activity” the letter reads.


The organizations point out that Varosha should only come back to life as part of a free Cyprus, one that ends Turkey`s occupation. They also underlined that unfortunately, Turkey “has snubbed its nose at multiple UN Security Council Resolutions and longstanding US and EU policy. Both through the UN Security Council and through Secretary of


State Mike Pompeo, your Administration has called for “the reversal” of Turkey`s outrageous and illegal actions in Varosha”.


“This habit of Turkey snubbing, the United States cannot stand. Ankara`s purchase of Russian S-400 missile systems contravenes American law. Last week Turkey tested those same S-400s despite your Administration laying such tests out as a red line”, the letter says.


The organizations also point out that during Trump’s Administration, Turkey has made it a habit of snubbing the United States when it comes to American interests in Greece, Cyprus, Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Israel, Libya, Syria, and Egypt. «It has proven that it is not interested in peace anywhere – even opposing the historic Abraham Accords.


Mr. President, in the case of Pastor Brunson you held Turkey to account for human rights violation. It is time to do so again. Let President Erdogan know that if he proceeds with opening Varosha and his other destabilizing actions, you will proceed to #SanctionTurkey» the letter reads.


Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third.


The Turkish side illegally opened on October 8 part of the beach of the abandoned town of Famagusta, in violation to numerous UN resolutions.


Varosha, the fenced off section of the Turkish occupied town of Famagusta, is often described as a ‘ghost town’. UN Security Council resolution 550 (1984) considers any attempts to settle any part of Varosha by people other than its inhabitants as inadmissible and calls for the transfer of this area to the administration of the UN. UN Security Council resolution 789 (1992) also urges that with a view to the implementation of resolution 550 (1984), the area at present under the control of the United Nations Peace-keeping Force in Cyprus be extended to include Varosha.


Ankara sent on several occasions seismic research vessels to Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), to conduct unauthorised drilling activities of hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean, in areas licensed by Cyprus to international energy companies.


The European Council reaffirmed its full solidarity with Cyprus, regarding the respect of its sovereignty and sovereign rights in accordance with international law and in February 2020, placed two persons under restrictive measures, in relation to Turkey`s unauthorised drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean.


Source: Cyprus News Agency

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