Deputy Shipping Minister aiming at establishing Cyprus as a shipping centre

Deputy Minister for Shipping Natasa Pilides is aiming at establishing Cyprus as a shipping center through a series of actions, which she informed the parliamentary Committee on Transport, Communications and Works about on Friday.

During the Committee’s meeting and in statements afterwards, Pilides referred to actions which would lead to expanding Cyprus’ register, efforts to open the register to Asian shipping companies, securing Cyprus ranks first in systems to protect the environment, and attracting Cypriots to the sector’s jobs.

Pilides said that reducing emissions, such as Sulphur, was one of the issues being discussed within the EU and internationally, noting that as of 1 January 2020 a regulation will come into force providing for ships to use other fuel or alternative solutions, such as emission-reducing machinery. This, she pointed out, greatly impacted the countries with a large fleet.

She also said that efforts were being made to strengthen shipping safety, adding that the new legislation would also benefit tourism.

Referring to jobs in the sector, she said there were openings in positions for qualified staff, such as captains and engineers, adding that efforts were being made in cooperation with the Ministry of Education to introduce shipping courses in technical schools as of September.

Pilides said Cyprus’ register yielded a few million euros per year and that the shipping companies in Cyprus employed around 9,000 persons.

She also said Cyprus’ shipping is gaining interest in various countries, such as Norway and Sweden, adding that next week she would be travelling to Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Source: Cyprus News Agency