Deputy Minister of Shipping: The aim is to further consolidate Cyprus’ shipping industry

Deputy Minister of Shipping Natasa Pilides said on Tuesday that her aim was to further consolidate the Cyprus shipping industry.

Addressing the Nicosia Economic Congress, Pilides presented her priorities, which include a one-stop shop that will serve as a contact point for shipping companies and their needs.

Regarding maritime services, I believe we have already achieved this, but there are still other things that the shipping companies need, Pilides said.

Other priorities include blue growth, drafting an effective plan to promote Cyprus shipping, restructuring the Deputy Ministry, and protecting and enhancing the comparative advantages of Cyprus shipping.

Pilides said that a new website would be ready soon, and that the network of shipping offices abroad would expand with a new office in Asia.

Asked about the Turkish ban on ships flying the Cyprus flag, Pilides said this was a thorn, especially for the Cyprus register, which explains the gap in performance between the Cyprus flag and ship management.

The aim must be the solution of the Cyprus issue. I believe one of the benefits of a solution of the Cyprus issue, apart from reuniting the country, is the fact that we will have a flourishing shipping industry, she said.

Until then, she noted, there are other ways to promote the Cyprus shipping industry, aiming at companies and markets that are not affected by the Turkish ban.

Despite the Turkish obstacles, the Cyprus register is the 11th largest in the world and third largest in the European Union, with Cyprus being the third largest ship management centre in the world and shipping contributing 7% to the Cyprus GDP.

Cyprus, which joined the EU in 2004, has been divided since 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third. Turkey does not recognise the Republic of Cyprus and refuses to normalise its relations with Nicosia.

Source: Cyprus News Agency