Deputy Minister for Shipping to attend Maritime Conference in Athens

Deputy Minister for Shipping Vassilis Demetriades departs for Athens to attend the 15h Maritime Conference to be held tomorrow, where he will outline Cyprus’ initiatives which would enable shipping to navigate through the current challenges.

According to a press release issued by the Deputy Ministry, Demetriades will attend the conference organised by the Maritime and Economic Strategy Institute and Maritime Economies, titled «2023, Sailing in a new Geo – economics: The effect of the World Energy Crisis in Seaborne Trade and the role of Geopolitics on the Future of the Shipping Industry. » The Conference will discuss issues such as the challenges facing the maritime sector in combination with the global energy crisis and the wider geopolitical developments.

During the conference, the Cypriot official will attend a round table discussion with the Greek Minister for Shipping.

“Demetriades is expected to outline the positions and initiatives deployed by Cyprus both on a national, EU and international levels so that shipping could face the challenges effectively,” the press release added.

On the conference’s sidelines, Demetriades will hold meetings with shipping stakeholders and representatives of shipping companies entrusting the Cypriot shipping and he will outline actions and initiatives stemming from Cyprus’ National Shipping Strategy titled “Sea Change 2030.”

Demetriades returns to Cyprus on Thursday, January 12.

Source: Cyprus News Agency