Cyta’s network adequate for current crisis, priority given to repairs and new connections

Cyta’s network is adequate to handle the huge increase in data usage as a result of the new measures that are keeping people at home. The agency has set up an emergency plan safeguarding the operational continuity of the network and services. Customers are assured that all is going well and the agency is equipped to manage any critical situation.

CNA has learned that a personnel management scheme was put in place to ensure that security measures are followed as instructed by the government and wherever it is possible, the employees are working from home. All necessary measures were also put in place to protect all those belonging to vulnerable and high-risk groups. 80% of the office staff is working from home whereas a 60% of the total Cyta personnel works remotely.

Support is also provided, technical and otherwise, to government services to facilitate their effort in informing the public.

Emphasis is placed on repairing breakdowns and in setting up new connections as there is an increased demand due to people now working from home. Cyta technical staff are working systematically and vigorously to accomplish the task, taking all measures to protect both themselves and the customers.

In addition the staff which was responsible for development projects, are now being used for setting up new connections and for technical support.

Source: Cyprus News Agency

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