CYPRUS: William Baldwin stars in film being shot on location in Limassol

A Hollywood film being shot on location in Limassol, with actor William Baldwin heading a talented cast in the big budget production, is another feather in the cap for Cyprus’ Olivewood brand.

The film was attracted by the Olivewood promotion drive which has also stuck a deal for the Euros 25 mln sci-fi film Jiu Jitsu headlining Oscar winner Nicolas Cage to begin filming on the island in the summer.

Cyprus-based film production company Altadium Group announced that shooting of the film ‘S.O.S: Survive or Sacrifice’ has begun in Limassol, where the entire film is to be shot.

Film production company Altadium Group is a Cypriot-Russian joint venture and is now producing its second film in Cyprus.

Its first production, ‘The Portrait of God’ took part at the Cannes Film festival and the Berlinale last year.

Lead role in the adventure thriller is well-known actor William Baldwin, one of the Baldwin brothers to make a name for themselves starring in a large number of Hollywood movies. William ‘Billy’ Baldwin has starred in over 70 films.

Other cast members includes Marianne Rosset, Jeannine Kaspar, Zach Rose and Christal Web.

The film’s production team is believed to have been prompted to choose Cyprus by an incentive package, recently put forward by the government to draw in big names in the film industry.

A source close to procedures said the production was given the green light by Invest Cyprus and will benefit by the Cyprus Film Incentive Scheme.

Altadium are the first Cypriot company to benefit from the scheme, commented the source.

The incentive scheme managed by Invest Cyprus, formerly known as the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency, has drawn the attention of industry professionals from across the globe.

“The aim of this project is not only to produce a good film, but also to enhance Cyprus’ profile in the world of cinema,” said Altadium.

Source: The Financial Mirror