Cyprus warns with international arrest warrant those assisting Turkish drilling in its EEZ, CNA reveals Radio message

Cyprus calls on the Turkish drill ship Fatih and supporting vessels to immediately cease illegal actions in the country’s exclusive economic zone and warns with a message through Radio Cyprus that individuals and companies supporting illegal actions will face all consequences, including an international arrest warrant.

CNA obtained a copy of the message of Radio Cyprus to Fatih and supporting vessels, which reads as follows:

You are conducting illegal operations in the exclusive economic zone and the continental shelf of the Republic of Cyprus. Your actions are violating the international law and maritime safety procedures and you are committing serious criminal offences under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

The message continues by saying that any individuals and companies working and/or providing services, assisting and soliciting to support the illegal actions of ‘Fatih’ are violating the rights of the Republic of Cyprus, the international law and maritime safety procedures. Therefore, it is noted, they will face all consequences according to European and international law and an international arrest warrant will be issued against them.

We hereby demand to immediately cease your illegal actions the message concludes.

Source: Cyprus News Agency