CYPRUS: Volunteers collect close to 3 tonnes of recyclables after carnival parade

Volunteers collected nearly 3 tonnes of recyclable waste left on the streets after the main carnival parade in Limassol was over, Friends of the Earth Cyprus said.

The post-parade recycling operation, organised by the NGO with the participation of 23 volunteers, lasted 4 hours and covered a distance of around 2.5 kilometres.

“Using an electronic scale, we calculated the amount of recyclable materials collected at 2,800 kg (nearly 3 tonnes). It was clearly an odd race against time, considering the fact that carnival participants and spectators exceeded 140,000 people this year,” said Friends of the Earth.

It estimates that the materials collected is equal to about 20% of the total quantity of recyclable materials discarded during the big parade.

“The job of preventing and correctly managing waste should not be up to a few considerate volunteers, but up to the organiser (Limassol Municipality), as well as all the people taking part in the parade under any capacity,” said the NGO.

Source: The Financial Mirror