Cyprus unemployment at 7.6% in 2020

Unemployment in Cyprus in 2020 rose to 7.6% of the labour force compared with 7.1% the year before, pushed upwards by the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic on the labour market.

According to the results of the Statistical Service’s labour force survey, the number of unemployed persons amounted to 36,677 and the unemployment rate to 8.0% of the labour force (males 8.3%, females 7.8%) in comparison to 28,481 persons (6.3%) in the corresponding quarter of 2019.

In young persons aged 15-24 years old, the unemployment rate was 19.9% of the labour force of the same age group (males 28.4%, females 10.9%) in comparison to 16.0% (males 15.9%, females 16.0%) in the corresponding quarter of last year.

As far as the duration of unemployment is concerned, 45.1% of the total unemployed persons searched for a job for a period of less than 6 months, 25.2%

Source: Cyprus News Agency