CYPRUS: UK halloumi shortage ‘crisis’ as prices soar

Growing demand from China combined with a shortage in supply of Cyprus’ traditional squeaky cheese has led UK supermarkets to increase their prices by around 12%, with fears of a possible halloumi crisis.

According to British media, supermarket chains have increased the price of Halloumi by up to 15p, while Aldi supermarkets have imposed a two-piece per customer restriction on sales.

Essential Waitrose packs and Sainsbury also increased prices of various Halloumi products from between 3p to 10p. Morrisons also hiked the price of halloumi packages by 15p.

The Daily Mail said British consumers are ‘obsessed’ by halloumi consuming 12,000 tonnes a year, of which 43% are imported from Cyprus.

The UK paper notes that there is an increased demand for Halloumi across Europe and China.

Last year, producers in Cyprus warned they were already struggling to keep up with demand and an export deal with China might lead to shortages in the UK.

This comes at a time the Cyprus government has come under fire for not being able to properly protect the island’s most famous export from imposters.

Source: The Financial Mirror