CYPRUS: “Turkey’s threats will not break our resolve”

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades said Turkey’s threats against Cyprus will not break the government’s resolve to continue its energy policy and reunify the divided island.

He said the Cyprus problem had to do exclusively with international law and the European Union.

Anastasiades was speaking upon his arrival at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki where he was granted an honorary doctorate by the Faculty of Law.

He said that Turkey’s behaviour in Cyprus waters is violating every European principle, even though it is an EU accession candidate.

What protects us is international law, said Anastasiades, adding the policy of Cyprus is based on establishing strong relations with its neighbouring countries.

“The demarcation of the Exclusive Economic Zone with Egypt, Israel and Lebanon, according to the principles of the International Convention on the Law of the Sea, signed on 1982, protect and guarantee the acquired rights of the Republic of Cyprus.

On his forthcoming trilateral meeting with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci in Berlin on November 25, Anastasiades said Nicosia is determined to take part in any dialogue proposed by the UN chief.

Asked whether Brussels has shown solidarity with Cyprus over Turkey’s aggression, Anastasiades said that for the first time the EU has taken targeted measures against Ankara for its illegal actions in Cyprus’ EEZ.

Source: The Financial Mirror