Cyprus tripartite partnerships are part of the EU Security and Defense policy stress Foreign and Defense ministers

Foreign Affairs and Defense Ministers, Nikos Christodoulides and Savvas Angelides, stressed Monday that the policy of deepening and broadening the relations of Cyprus with neighboring countries in the Eastern Mediterranean region, including the strengthening of tripartite partnerships, was also part of the EUs policy to promote security and defense issues in the region.

In their joint interventions to the Foreign Affairs Council, held in Brussels, the two Ministers, by participating in a review debate on the progress of the issues Security and Defense, referred to the multifaceted importance of this development, both for the Member States and for the EU itself, and expressed the full commitment of the Republic of Cyprus to this policy.

Particularly in relation to PESCO, the Permanent Structured Defense Cooperation, which aims to develop Union security and defense capabilities to enhance its autonomy strategy, the two Ministers expressed the full support of Nicosia and noted that Cyprus participates in six programs of the first set of actions, and will join in three new programs.

With regard to the discussions on the general conditions governing the participation of third States in PESCO programs, the two Ministers stressed that the involvement of third States could be made under specific conditions, such as participating States concerned to implement and respect the principles and values of the EU.

With regard to EU-NATO relations, the two Ministers stressed that for Cyprus “this cooperation should be based on the principles of reciprocity, transparency and the participation of all Member States, respecting the autonomy of reception decisions of each organization “.

It is noted that Christodoulides had a bilateral meeting with the Greek Foreign Minister Georgios Katrougalos, during which they exchanged views on the current developments in the Cyprus problem, as well as for the next steps in relation to tripartite partnerships.

Earlier, the Foreign Minister participated in the work of the Foreign Affairs Council, where the 28 had the opportunity to review the situation in Central Asia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yemen and Ukraine.

Source: Cyprus News Agency