Cyprus to launch climate change initiative in the region

Cyprus offers to coordinate the efforts of regional countries, aiming to tackle the impact of climate change in the Mediterranean, as part of an initiative announced Tuesday by President of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades.

In a written statement on the occasion of World Environment Day, the President says that the initiative was discussed during a meeting he chaired on climate change action. The initiative comes after holding an international conference on this subject, hosted recently in Nicosia, with the participation of scientists from 35 countries.

In his statement, President Anastasiades notes that Cyprus has signed and implements the 2015 Paris agreement, the first universal and legally binding agreement on climate change.

We believe that the international community needs to remain committed in implementing this agreement, because only through collective action on international level we are able to tackle its adverse effects the President underlines.

He adds that the government of Cyprus will undertake its share of responsibility, in the framework of global cooperation and will respond with a comprehensive national plan on climate change, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the President, those present at the meeting received guidelines to promote an international initiative, with Cyprus offering to coordinate regional action to tackle climate change.

He also notes the initiatives promoted by the Cyprus Institute in this area, that have led to the creation of an international scientific network, turning thus the academic institute into a hub for cooperation.

All competent authorities will promote this initiative in order to step up cooperation with regional countries in the Mediterranean and reserve for Cyprus a coordinating role in curbing climate change and mitigating its consequences, the President concludes.

Source: Cyprus News Agency