Cyprus to host 2026 European Maritime Day

Cyprus was selected by the European Commission to host the European Maritime Day for 2026.


The decision was adopted Wednesday by the Cyprus Cabinet and was announced by Deputy Minister of Shipping Vasilios Demetriades.


He said that European Maritime Days is celebrated every year, since 2008, on May 20. Cyprus submitted a candidacy for 2026 which coincides with the assumption by Cyprus of the EU rotating Presidency.


The Deputy Minister said that the coastal city chosen is Limassol, but the state’s proposal is to hold individual events in all the coastal cities of the island.


He described the decision as a very important development for Cyprus which will become a center of attraction for thousands of Europeans who are involved with shipping, the sea and the blue economy.


He added that it will be an effort to promote Cyprus’ activities related to these sectors and also to enter into partnerships with local bodies, companies and academic institutions.


Source: Cyprus News Agency