Cyprus stands by Armenia, House Speaker says

House of Representatives President Demetris Syllouris has said that Cyprus stands by Armenia, stressing that it was the second country in the world and the first on a European level to recognise the Armenian Genocide.

Sylllouris was addressing, on Tuesday, the Armenian National Assembly, in the context of an official visit he is paying Yerevan this week.

With every opportunity, Cyprus unites its voice with that of its Armenian brothers in the efforts for recognition of this hate crime as a genocide, he noted.

The House of Representatives, the House President said, has established the 24th April as the Day Commemorating the genocide. He added that the Cypriot Parliament has adopted three resolutions condemning the genocide while in 2015 it has also criminilised denial of this and any other Genocide.

In statements a little earlier, after having visited the Genocide Memorial Monument, he also pointed out that recognising the Armenian Genocide by the entire world and in particular by the perpetrator, that is to say Turkey, as well as the recognition of every genocide, is of particular importance for the future as an example of what acts humanity should avoid.

During his address at the Armenian National Assembly Syllouris also referred to the efforts to reunify Cyprus, which has been divided since 1974 when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third. He said that the solution sought is one based on the relevant UN resolutions and EU principles and values.

Our efforts are met with the obstacle of Turkey, which maintains an unrelenting and extreme stance, he said, adding that its provocative behaviour has been increasing dangerously not just as regards Cyprus but for the region in general.

Turkey, Syllouris said, uses the Turkish Cypriot community, which is under its full control politically and financially, as an excuse to justify its presence in Cyprus.

More recently, he continued, Turkey has been intervening within the Republic of Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone, violating international law in general and the Law of the Sea using its preferred ‘canon-boat’ diplomacy in order to prevent the energy plans of Cyprus to take fruition while at the same time threatening peace and stability in the region.

He assured that our side remains committed to reaching a just and viable solution on the basis of UN resolutions and European law, without anachronistic guarantees and dependence relations. A solution, he noted, which will make Cyprus a modern, normal, sustainable and functional state.

He thanked Armenia for its principled position on the Cyprus problem.

At the same time, the House President assured that Cyprus’s support for an enhanced relation between Armenia and the EU will be constant and strong.

Source: Cyprus News Agency