Cyprus’ role in promoting China-EU relations underlined during Syllouris’ visit to Beijing

The role which Cyprus can play in promoting the relations between China and the EU was underlined during a meeting which Cyprus House President Demetris Syllouris and the delegation accompanying him during his visit to China, had on Thursday morning in Beijing with the leadership of the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs.

Moreover, China’s position in favour of the sovereignty and national integrity of the Republic of Cyprus was reiterated. The President of the House of Representatives and the delegation also visited the Forbidden City, which is situated at the centre of the Chinese capital.

Speaking during the meeting at the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs, its President, Wang Chao, referred to the very good relations and the friendship between China and Cyprus, noting that Syllouris is a friend of China and the Chinese people.

He also expressed deep appreciation for Cyprus’ strong support to the Belt and Road initiative of China and noted that both Cyprus and China have a long history and ancient civilizations and see eye to eye in many international issues.

Wang underlined that they consider Cyprus as one of our best friends in the EU, noting that Cyprus can play an important role in the EU to promote the bilateral relations between China and the EU and that we very much appreciate that.

He also reaffirmed China’s position in favour of the sovereignty and national integrity of Cyprus. Moreover, he said that the relationship of China and Cyprus is multi-dimensional.

Speaking during the meeting, Syllouris proposed to examine the possibility of establishing a close cooperation and a structured dialogue between the Institute and institutions in Cyprus on many issues which concern humanity, the bilateral relations and the relation of China with the EU. On his part Wang expressed appreciation for this proposal and noted that this can be discussed in detail as the Vice President of the Institute is planning a visit to Cyprus, heading a delegation.

Syllouris noted, on his part, that you can consider Cyprus as your partner in the EU, to promote closer relations between China and the EU. We are a small nation treated by China on an equal footing and we want to reciprocate, he noted.

The House President also noted that the difference between China and other big countries is that China faces the small countries on and equal footing and supports principles with no deviation and without intervening in other countries’ internal affairs.

Referring to the speeches delivered by the Chinese President Xi Jinping in the framework of the 2nd China International Import Expo in Shanghai, Syllouris said that politicians who can give hope and can send messages for cooperation and development can definitely help the planet.

Politicians and countries, especially big counties, that prefer to create clashes, problems, interventions and invasions cannot help the future of the planet, he noted.

Syllouris said that he invited the Chairman of the Chinese National People’s Congress Standing Committee Li Zhanshu to visit Cyprus next year and participate in the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the declaration of Cyprus’ independence and deliver a speech at the House of Representatives.

He said that China has always been supporting Cyprus, noting that apart for occupying 37% of Cyprus’ territory since 1974, Turkey has now invaded to the Republic of Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone. China has a clear stance against any intervention or invasion, Syllouris underlined.

Moreover, in statements to the media, Syllouris said that China’s policy on the Cyprus problem is crystal clear and wished that the positions adopted by other big countries were along the same line, supporting the independence of Cyprus against any foreign intervention in Cyprus, opposing the continuing occupation of a part of Cyprus’ territory by Turkey and supporting a just settlement, based on principles and the UN relevant resolutions.

Moreover he noted that they discussed about the China-EU cooperation, noting that Cyprus can be considered as a partner of China in the EU

Referring to his proposal for looking into the potential for cooperation of the Institute with institutions in Cyprus, Syllouris said that such a high level Institute has a lot to offer to us.

As regards their visit to the Forbidden City, Syllouris noted the great civilization and the long-standing history of the Chinese people.

Source: Cyprus News Agency