Cyprus reports 8 deaths and 3,736 new COVID cases between 11-17 November, positivity rate at 5.28%

Cyprus Health Ministry announced on Friday that between 11 – 17 November 8 deaths were reported due to COVID 19 and 3,736 new cases were detected. The positivity rate is at 5.28%.

The deceased are 6 women and 2 men aged from 71 to 96 years old. One passed away August 2021 but the death was reported only recently. Total deaths since the pandemic broke out reached 1,218 and total cases climbed to 610,023.

Moreover the Ministry said that 70 patients are receiving treatment in public hospitals and 10 are in a serious condition.

A total of 70,769 tests were carried out, 2,215 of which were PCR and 209 cases were detected (Positivity rate PR 9.44%). The number of Rapid Tests were 68,554 and 3,527 came back positive (PR 5.14%).

On private initiative a total of 1,780 PCR tests were carried out and 138 cases were detected (PR 7.75%). The number of rapid tests were 45,170, of which 3,248 were positive (PR 7.9%).

Via the Ministry’s programme a total of 23,384 rapid tests were conducted and 279 cases were detected while at testing points 153 cases were reported from a total of 13,984 tests (PR 1.09%).

In elementary schools 223 tests were done and 1 case was detected (PR 0.45%) while in high schools no cases were reported from a total of 33 tests.

In the army no cases were detected out of 25 tests carried out, while in nursing homes 81 cases were detected from 4,902 tests (PR 1.65%) and in closed units 44 cases were found from 4,217 tests. (PR 1.04%).

Source: Cyprus News Agency