Cyprus reports 17 new covid19 cases, bringing total in Republic to 179

Cyprus authorities reported 17 new covid19 cases on Saturday, bringing the total number in the Republic to 179. Five people passed away during the previous days from the virus.

Speaking during a press conference, Dr. LeontiosKostrikis, member of the Advisory Body on the pandemic said that 3 of the patients had returned from a European country and they are so called imported cases, 10 people were identified by tracing the contacts of already confirmed cases, one person is from the British Bases and there are three cases whose history is being investigated.

He said that the 179 cases were confirmed following 5, 917 tests run by the Institute of Neurology and Genetics and the Microbiology Department of the Nicosia General Hospital. 95 of the 179 cases are from contacts.

Dr. Kostrikis said that 15 of the people who were diagnosed positively and hospitalized, had already been cured.

He pointed out that the next few days are crucial for the outcome of the titanic effort undertaken by all and called once again on citizens to remain at home and follow the instructions with perseverance, so that the remains manageable. He added that soon the authorities will be able to carry out a detailed assessment of the epidemiological picture of the virus.

Dr. Kostrikis said that we need to carry on with the same determination and persistence. He also said that based on preliminary data, 27% of the cases were reported in Nicosia, 27% in Paphos, 7% in Famagusta, 14% in Limassol and 21% in Larnaca.

Replying to a question if we are approaching the climax of the virus, Dr. Kostrikis said that we will definitely have more cases but at the moment we are not in a position to evaluate the situation as we need to have a more detailed assessment of the epidemiological picture, which is to follow during the next days.

Dr. MariosLoizou, Okypy’s Scientific Director of the Nicosia directorate told the press that by 3 pm local time, 23 people were hospitalized at Famagusta General Hospital (the Reference Hospital), four of whom were in the Advanced Care Unit. Ten people are intubated, three at the ICU in Limassol General Hospital and the other ten in Nicosia General Hospital. Their condition is described as critical but stable.

DrLoizou said that so far, 45 patients have been hospitalized at the Famagusta Reference hospital, 15 of which have recovered. Seven have been transferred to Nicosia and Limassol ICUs for further treatment.

He pointed out that the course of the virus in our country is still continuing and in the coming days some other citizens will definitely get sick, adding that we need the number of people who are transferred to hospital with increased symptoms to be as few as possible.

DrLoizou explained that the time of average hospitalization time in the ICU is large, the needs are increasing and we will need more beds and respirators. He underlined that this is an issue all the health systems around the world are faced with, even the most advanced ones.

He added that slowing down the spread is critical in order for the health system to provide the best possible care and the only way to do this is to stay home.

Asked about cancer patients or other fellow citizens who are undergoing other treatments and other tests and are asked to have a certificate that they have not been ill with the virus, Dr. Loizou said that this is an issue that is being discussed by the competent authorities in order to find the best possible solution.

In another question about the deaths of young people in Europe without any former diseases or health conditions and whether regular medical follow-up tests should be required, DrLoizou said that everything is changing daily and the expert advisory body is looking at all the new data and reassessing the situation as we go along.

Source: Cyprus News Agency

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