Cyprus reports 1 death and 448 new COVID cases on Sunday, 175 patients in hospitals

Cyprus Health Ministry on Sunday announced 1 death from COVID , 448 new cases and 175 hospitalizations. The positivity rate stands at 0,75% .

According to the Ministry 60 patients are in serious condition and 79,32% of all patients are unvaccinated.

Total deaths in Cyprus since the pandemic broke out reached 620 and of cases 145,161.

Moreover, 9 post-COVID patients who are no longer infectious, are intubated and are in serious condition in an ICU.

The total tests today were 59,828 , 9,415 were PCR and 50,413 rapid tests.

The deceased is a male , 87 years old who passed away at the ICU of the Nicosia General Hospital on Saturday.

Of the total deaths 395 were male (63,7%), and 225 female (36,3%) and the median age is 75,8 years.

The figures show that 60 patients are in serious condition of whom 22 are int