Cyprus registers inflation amounting to 3% in October

Inflation in October declined marginally to 3% compared with the respective period of 2017, according to the Cyprus Statistical Service.

Inflation in September climbed to 3.1% which is the highest level in the last twenty months, while inflation remains in positive territory since May 2018, according to Cystat.

Consumer Price Index in October 2018 rose by 0.44 units to 102.29 compared with 101.85 units the previous month.

For the period of January � October CPI recorded an increase of 1.3% compared with the respective period of 2017.

Compared with October 2017, the highest price increases were recorded in Electricity with 31.2% and fuel with 12.03%, while water prices declined by 2.8% and industrial products (excluding fuel) decreased by 0.26%.

According to Cystat, compared with September 2018, Clothing and Footwear registered the highest percentage increase with 5.1%, whereas Electricity declined by 0.70%.

Source: Cyprus News Agency