Cyprus records drop by 9.1% in serious injury of children from road traffic accidents

Cyprus has had a drop by 9.1% in the serious injury of children under 14 years of age in road traffic accidents between 2006 – 2016, ranking 2nd best in Europe.

In a press release issued here on Monday, NGO Reaction quotes data by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) according to which 1 in 13 children’s deaths in Europe is due to a road traffic accident. In Cyprus, 6% of children’s deaths is due to a road traffic accident, the NGO said.

According to an ETSC press release, Cyprus has had a reduction of 9.1% in the serious injury of children (0 � 14 years old) in road traffic accidents during the period 2006 � 2016.

This ranks Cyprus in the 2nd best place in Europe. At the same time Cyprus ranks 5th in children’s fatalities from road raffic accidents.

In Denmark, Reaction said, the use of children’s seats in cars is 99% while in Cyprus there is no data available on this matter.

During the period 2014 � 2016 two children (0 � 14 years old) died in Cyprus, due to non- use or wrong use of children’s seats or a safety belt, the press release added.

Source: Cyprus News Agency