Cyprus records 30 new laryngeal cancer cases per year

About 78 new incidents of cancer relating to the head and the neck occur every year, most new cases have to do with the larynx. On average 30 new cases are recorded per year.

Addressing a press conference on the occasion of the World Head and Neck Cancer Day the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Health Christina Yiannaki said that the goal is to inform and raise awareness among the people in order to prevent new incidents from appearing.

These types of cancer, have their source in the mucous membranes. They appear usually in the region of the mouth cavity, the lips, the pharynx and the nasal cavity.

International statistics show, she noted, the cancer which appears in these parts of the body. It occurs by 44% in the mouth cavity, by 31% in the larynx and by 25% in the pharynx.

Men are more often affected than women, as scientific research shows that it is the fourth more frequent cancer affecting the male population, she added.

A key risk for this type of cancer to occur is an unhealthy way of life and in particular smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol, the Health Ministry official said

Experts consider that 8 out of 10 cases are due to these harmful habits, she added, noting that in certain cases one can also find a gene substrate of the disease. Iron deficiency anaemia, exposure to solar radiation, bad mouth hygiene and certain exposure to certain chemical substances.

It is indicative, she noted, that researchers have found more incidents occurring to people who have been exposed to nickel at the course of their work, while people who work in wood processing or the construction of furniture and shoes are also high on the list of people affected.

Certain viruses such as HPV are also related with the occurrence of the disease.

Symptoms include a wound that does not heal, a throat ache that does not heal, difficulty in swallowing or persistent hoarseness, she said, adding however that the above symptoms could have a less serious cause and she called on people to consult their doctor or dentist.

Source: Cyprus News Agency