Cyprus ready to contribute for better results in the EU -Arab states Summit, FM Christodoulides tells FAC

Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides expressed the readiness of the Republic of Cyprus to contribute to achieving substantial results during the EU summit with the Arab world in the coming weeks. Minister Christodoulides conveyed that message to his counterparts at todays EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels.

According to the Minister, the Foreign Affairs Council has been involved in “preparing for the EU ministerial meeting with the Arab world,” which will be followed “by a summit of Heads of State and Government”. He noted that this “was a position that the Republic of Cyprus always advocated: the need, through a systematic dialogue with the Arab world, that is at the EUs neighborhood, to see how through common actions we can face the common challenges we have in the region.”

“In the context of the discussion, I expressed the readiness of the Republic of Cyprus to contribute in order to achieve substantial results, especially taking into account the excellent relations of the Republic of Cyprus with those of the Arab states bordering the Eastern Mediterranean”, the foreign minister clarified to his counterparts .

As he also pointed out, issues of particular importance were “the debate on misinformation issues and false news that is widespread in the context of hybrid threats.”

According to the Minister, “the need for cooperation between the Member States has been discussed” so that “we can see through the cooperation of the government and the private sector, with the mass media how we can, inform the world of such efforts and how we face them.”

The Minister stressed that the issue is of concern for every Member State and “especially the Republic of Cyprus, since we are witnessing such attempts, if you wish, from third countries.”

“It is important that the EU is involved at the level of all Member States and with this very important dimension, and we should work at the EU level as well as internally for deterrence, or if you want, to minimize this kind of approaches from third countries,” concluded Minister N. Christodoulides.

Source: Cyprus News Agency