Cyprus ready to assist EU in Syrian issue, Cypriot FM tells EU counterparts

Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Christodoulides expressed Cyprus’ readiness to aid and assist the EUs efforts in Syria as the EU member state which is neighbouring Syria, on Monday, at the meeting of the Council Foreign Affairs (FAC).

The situation in Syria was the topic that dominated the agenda of the FAC and according to Christodoulides, the 28 reviewed the situation, “under the new circumstances shaped either by the US decision to withdraw from Syria or in view of the latest developments in the political dialogue.”

“We have reiterated the fact that Syria is a neighbouring country in the EU and that the EU should be a protagonist of developments,” the Cypriot Minister said.

“There is a political process in progress that does not seem to be producing a positive outcome at this stage,” he noted, adding however that the EU should play a more active role and this was “the main conclusion of the debate that has taken place. “

“At the same time, the Republic of Cyprus expressed its readiness to reinforce any EU efforts as the EU member state neighbouring Syria and the wider region,” said Christodoulides.

Source: Cyprus News Agency