CYPRUS: Police seek help from spin doctor to repair tarnished image

Cyprus Police want to renew contract with a public relations agency to help restore public trust following the mishandling of foreign women reported missing who turned out to be victims of a confessed serial killer.

The force requests that Parliament approve a EUR 14,280 budget to contract PR consultancy firm Opinion and Action Services with which they signed a 1+1 year contract in 2018, reported Philenews.

According to the explanation accompanying the request, the “aim of the contract is to improve the image of the Police, restore public confidence and safeguard the force from public rejection as well as help in recovering officer moral”.

The first contract between the police and the PR company was signed on 26 August 2016.

Police prestige has taken a serious blow after seeming indifference to women reported missing, failing to conduct a proper investigation that could have prevented the gruesome murders of seven victims.

Critics blame institutional racism, as officers were accused of not performing their duty due to racist attitudes.

In the aftermath of the confessed serial killings, Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou resigned. He resigned for reasons of political ethics alone putting the blame squarely on the police.

Nicolaou’s resignation came after President Nicos Anastasiades fired the chief of police.

Source: The Financial Mirror