Cyprus pledged to contribute to the realization of the objectives of the EU Green New Deal, Minister Kadis stated

“As Cyprus, we have today pledged to contribute to the realization of the objectives of the Green New Deal”, which was “also expressed by the President of the Republic himself at the European Council on December the 12th, when the matter was brought before the European leaders”, the Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment Costas Kadis stated today, following the the EU Environment Council, the laste under the Finnish Presidency and the this year.

As the Minister noted, “during the Council, I had the opportunity to say that Cyprus, a country with particularly rich biodiversity, supports the adoption of ambitious but at the same time realistic goals at European level”.

He stressed that “in our country, we have completed, with the input of scientists from government agencies, universities and non-governmental organizations, our National Biodiversity Strategy covering the period 2020-2030”.

“We are ready to adapt this Strategy to the data that will emerge at European level in relation to biodiversity – the European Union and its Member States have to lead internationally in this field,” said Costas Kadis.

According to the Ministers written statement, “The European Green New Deal (GND) was at the heart of the discussions of the EU Environment Ministers Council held in Brussels today. It is a broader strategy aimed at adopting in all areas. practices that respect the environment and contribute to tackling climate change. “

“The implementation of the GND requires political will, both at Union and Member State level,” he said.

According to the same written statement, “through the GND, a new development strategy is proposed aimed at a smooth transition of M-S to a prosperous society and a modern, competitive, sustainable, environmentally friendly and climate-neutral economy” , while in todays debate, “it appeared that the challenges are likely to be many and that the particularities of each M-S should be taken into account”.

“To do this, we need to find the right tools and the necessary resources,” the minister stated.

“Other aspects of the GND, such as the need to preserve biodiversity and the principles of a circular economy, should be horizontally integrated into a number of European and national policies”, he concluded.

Source: Cyprus News Agency