Cyprus participates in ”Let’s Do It! World” campaign for the reduction of global waste

Cyprus participates in the “Lets Do It! World ” campaign for the reduction of global waste. The campaign titled Lets Do It! Cyprus will take place between 2-7 April. A big event is planned on April 7 at Athalassa Park in Nicosia.

The “Lets Do It! Cyprus ” is being held on the island since 2012 and is the largest volunteer campaign. In April 2018, more than 46,000 volunteers participated in the campaign, ranking Cyprus in the six countries, among 120 countries that managed to volunteer 5% of the countrys population in this action.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday Environment Commissioner Ioanna Panayiotou said that it is important to raise public awareness for issues related to the protection, conservation and sustainable management of land and marine environment.

She pointed out that the engagement of the state, the local authorities, volunteer organizations and the business sector is essential. Panayiotou said that based on 2017 data by the European Commission, in Cyprus, urban waste generation is significantly higher than the EU average of 617 kg per resident per year, compared to an average of 475 kg in 2014.

She added that the majority of this waste ends in landfill (80% vs. 28% on average for the EU), while recycling accounts for 19%, including 4% of compost, significantly lower than the EU average (44%).

The Commissioner stressed that the European Unions new targets raise the figure to 55% by 2025 and 65% by 2035 and noted that the prevention and reduction of waste production combined with the necessary increase in reuse and recycling could improve the efficiency of Cypriot economy resources, increase business opportunities and create jobs.

Volunteer Commissioner Yiannis Yiannakis said that in the last few years there is a significant engagement of active citizens adding that the Lets Do It Cyprus campaign it is important in raising awareness.

Public and Information Office (PIO) is the co-organizer of the campaign. PIO Director Sophie Michaelides said that it is important for each once of us to have in mind the simple principles of not throwing his/her garbage, of keeping the nature clean and of recycling. This effort, she stressed, concerns every community, every home, and every individual.

Source: Cyprus News Agency