Cyprus Parliament commemorates Holocaust victims

The Cyprus Parliament on Thursday commemorated the victims of the Holocaust, on the occasion of the World Holocaust Day, January 27.

Parliament President Demetris Syllouris, speaking before the plenary said that World Holocaust Day is a day of duty and an anniversary that brings back memories of the darkest pages in the history of Europe.

He pointed out that we ought to draw lessons from the Holocaust and to always commemorate the victims, making sure that this humiliation of millions of people will never be revived.

“The House of Representatives honors this years 75th anniversary and the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, as well as survivors of a heinous crime against human existence and dignity,” he said.

The plenary session was attended by the Polish Ambassador Irena Lichnerowicz-Augustyn and the Deputy Head of the Israeli Embassy Noga Caspi. The plenary observed a minute of silence in the memory of the victims.

Source: Cyprus News Agency