Cyprus Parliament approves bill to establish Deputy Ministry of Shipping

The Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Marios Dimitriades, in a written statement, welcomes the decision of the Parliament to establish a Deputy Ministry of Shipping., noting that Cyprus’ shipping is a big chapter for Cyprus.

Our duty is to ensure that shipping in Cyprus has all the necessary means to cope with the challenges of the international shipping industry, while remaining competitive. The upgrading and strengthening of the shipping administration will help towards this direction, he points out.

According to the Minister the Deputy Ministry of Shipping will be competent to handle all shipping issues.

“The ultimate goal is flexibility and speed in the decision-making, the improvement and upgrading of provided state services, the promotion of the Cypriot flag and the strengthening of cooperation with the private parties involved, with a view to strengthening Cypriot shipping and its consolidation as a modern and global shipping service center, ” he says.

The Minister added that with the creation of the Deputy Ministry, an important sector of the Cypriot economy is significantly strengthened, as shipping is estimated to contribute around 7% of the country’s GDP.

In a written statement, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber welcomes the approval of the relevant bill, with the belief that this pioneering administrative structure will assist substantially towards the further development of Cyprus Shipping and by extension, the economy.

This unanimous Parliamentary approval of the Bill for the Deputy Ministry of Shipping, conveys a clear message of political support for this productive sector of the Economy, with a contribution of 7% to the GDP. Such a unified State support, is expected also to serve as a convincing leverage for attracting additional quality shipowners and shipping companies in Cyprus, with a positive chain effect on reducing unemployment and strengthening other economic sectors that provide services to the Shipping Industry, says the Chamber.

The Shipping Chamber expresses its appreciation to all political parties for the unanimous approval, the Government and especially the President of the Republic, Nicos Anastasiades, as well as the Minister of Interior (and until recently, Under-Secretary to the President) Constantinos Petrides and his team for the preparation of the relevant bill, all business associates and of the Members of the Chamber, for their public support in the long-standing efforts made for this very important administrativel upgrade of Cyprus Shipping to materialise today, writing as such, a new page of Shipping History for Cyprus.

As this new structure of the Cyprus Maritime Administration will be fully implemented with the commencement of the new Government in March 2018, the Shipping Chamber notes that it will now focus its attention, utilising the interim months, to work closely with the Ministry of Transport and the Shipping Department, in preparing all the necessary operating prerequisites, so that the “Deputy Ministry of Shipping” to be able to operate fully from the first day of application of this new promising institution.

Source: Cyprus News Agency