CYPRUS: Only 2 of 16 recommendations implemented, says GRECO

Cyprus needs to develop a mechanism for tackling and preventing corruption in the judiciary system, said Gianluca Esposito, Executive Secretary of the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body GRECO, during an ad hoc visit to Nicosia on Thursday.

Making it clear that the body’s recommendations are binding on Member States participating in GRECO (Group of States Against Corruption), Esposito said that Cyprus has acted on just two out of 16 recommendations issued in 2016.

Esposito was addressing the Parliamentary Ways and Means Committee, kicking off a two day visit with a focus on claims of foul play in the administration of justice in Cyprus.

GRECO’s Executive Secretary briefed members of the watchdog committee on the purpose of the team’s visit and replied to questions posed by MPs.

Esposito said that out of 16 recommendations included in the 2016 GRECO report on Cyprus, only two were implemented and yet not fully. Of these, the four concerning the judiciary have not been implemented so far.

He pointed out the need for a code of conduct for judges that will address the issue of conflict of interest, noting that he had been informed of the adoption of such a code by the island’s Supreme Court. He clarified that the group will be able to evaluate it once it is translated into English.

He said GRECO has issued recommendations on how to handle conflict of interest in the judiciary system.

Commenting on reforms currently underway, he said that GRECO finds them to be on the right path but these cannot take place over night, noting that transparency is the key element for the success of the project.

Source: The Financial Mirror