Cyprus-Oman reaffirm friendly bilateral relations

Cyprus House President Dimitris Syllouris and President and members of the Consultative Council of the Sultanate of Oman on Monday went onboard the ship Al-Salam, at Limassol port, which was given as a gift to the Government of Cyprus by the Sultanate. The ship was remaned “Alasia”.

Syllouris and Shaikh Khalid Hilal Al Maawali reaffirmed the friendly bilateral relations and announced that on May 23 a Conference will take place in Nicosia in order to examine the investment prospects between the two countries.

Syllouris, in his statements, expressed the gratitude of the Republic of Cyprus for Omans support in areas such as health and culture and thanked the President of the Consultive Council for the gift to Cyprus.This ship, he said, symbolizes the continuation of cooperation and he pledged that efforts will continue in order to strengthen bilateral cooperation.

Shaikh Khalid Hilal Al Meaawali said that the ships previous name “Al Salam” means peace and the Sultan of Oman wishes to convey this message, as he is a man of peace.

The name of the ship, he said, sends not only a message of peace between the two Governments and the peoples of Cyprus and Oman, but also a message of friendship and cooperation for the years to come.

The Delegation from the Sultanate of Oman also visited the historic centre of Limassol, the mosque, the old harbour and the Limassol marina.

Source: Cyprus News Agency