CYPRUS: Nicosia sends firefighting planes and crews to assist Israel

Cyprus has sent two fire-fighting airplanes to help battle the hundreds of blazes raging across Israel.

The Cyprus News Agency said the two Forestry Department airplanes, with two officers aboard each, took-off from Larnaca airport for Haifa early Friday.

At the same time ground support staff of the Department of Forests also flew to Israel from Larnaca airport, on a Cyprus Airways flight, later on Friday. The team comprises four officers.

Israel asked Cyprus on Thursday evening to send two fire-fighting planes to the country to help extinguish the fires raging across the country, amid a heatwave.

A number of massive brush fires sparked near Jerusalem and Mevo Modi’in during the hot weather.

Nearby Italy, Croatia and Greece have also sent help to tackles the fires.

Extreme weather has also hit Cyprus with unseasonable temperatures reaching a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius.

Source: The Financial Mirror