CYPRUS: Nearly 3,500 drivers reported for speeding in one week

Around 500 drivers a day were reported in a Cyprus police anti-speeding campaign, during the crackdown 3,453 drivers received speeding tickets between February 11-17.

According to police many of those drivers were found to be travelling at twice the speed limits. Talking to Astra Radio, George Milis, head of the Traffic Department, stressed speeding offences do not only occur on motorways. On Sunday three drivers were caught hitting excessive speeds, two of which were arrested.

At around 20:15 Sunday, Limassol Traffic Police, during a campaign to prevent road accidents, reported two drivers, aged 21 and 23, who were both travelling at speeds of 139 km instead of the town limit of 50. The two drivers failed to stop when signaled to do so but were apprehended five minutes later by police officers.

Similarly, less than half an hour later a driver was found travelling at a speed of 103km on the 65 km limit Cape Greco-Ayia Napa road.

All three offenders were driving vehicles without a MOT and valid road tax.

Meanwhile, in the context of the police campaign to tackle drunk driving, during the week 4-10 February, 3,197 drivers were tested with 296 being reported.

Source: The Financial Mirror