Cyprus MPs attend Interparliamentary Conference on the cohesion and agriculture policies in Bucharest

Cyprus Parliamentarians Andreas Kafkalias, Chairman of the Agriculture Committee and Michalis Yiorgallas, Vice Chair, took part in the Interparliamentary Conference on the cohesion and agriculture policies which was concluded on Wednesday in Bucharest, Romania.

A press release issued by the Cyprus House says that Kafkalias participated in a debate on the issue of small farmers and their role in the context of the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for 2021-2027.

He stressed the need for further support and targeted incentives for small farmers in order to effectively combat the aging of the population and to ensure the future sustainability of the agricultural sector. He also referred to the challenges faced by Cypriot farmers because of the multiplication of land, high labor costs and limited access to capital. As Kafkalias pointed out, these issues make them turn into other jobs or parallel employment.

He also said that Cyprus as an island is isolated from the largest export markets and this is also negatively affected by the high cost of transporting of various agricultural products.

Yiorgallas in his speech said that Cyprus has a specific agricultural structure and special production conditions. He said the Cypriot agricultural sector is small and faces significant challenges due to both water shortages and prolonged droughts combined with high production costs.

Referring to the European Commissions proposal for CAP financing under the next MFF, Yiorgallas said that while it is estimated that the proposed model for the new CAP will benefit Cypriot agriculture, there is a risk of losing 40 million in funding , as part of the planned reduction of the CAP funding line in the new programming period. Cyprus MP expressed concern over the sustainability of Cypriot agriculture.

Source: Cyprus News Agency