Cyprus ministries of Health and Interior issue new advice amid coronavirus pandemic

The Ministry of Health has issued a revised travel advice to travellers, imposing compulsory self-isolation for 14 days for all countries excluding countries where quarantine is required.

Those countries are China`s Hubei Province, Italy, Iran and the Republic of Korea.

The advice, which comes into effect from Sunday, notes that travellers from the above countries should remain in isolation under medical supervision, for a period of 14 days upon entry to the Republic.

For category II, which all other countries are included, self-isolation is required under telephone supervision in their homes (avoidance of close contact and travel, adherence to basic hygiene rules, monitoring and reporting of symptoms by calling 1420) for 14 days.

All passengers in categories 1 and 2 will be checked for high temperature and will be directed to the airport medical centre. Citizens in the above categories, who wish to depart from Cyprus before the end of the 14-day period, may do so given that they do not experience any symptoms.

Citizens in category 2, who have arrived prior to the 15th of March 2020 (when these guidelines are put in force) and have not completed 14 days since their arrival, are urged to remain in self-isolation and monitoring until the 14-day period comes to an end

Meanwhile, the ?inistry of Interior has announced that crossing points ae open only to Cypriot citizens (Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots) and those who are legally residing in areas of the Republic of Cyprus.

EU citizens who wish to cross must have travel documents indicating their legal entry to the Republic and proof of residence (public utility bills).

Third country nationals must present travel documents indicating legal entry and permit in the Republic of Cyprus.

Nationals who are on a designated diplomatic service or mission, based on bilateral or international conventions, must hold diplomatic IDs to cross. Those who do not have diplomatic identity cards, should have a non-diplomatic card or confirmation of the relevant authority for the reasons of their presence in the Republic of Cyprus.

Meanwhile, a new confirmed case of COVID-19 has been reported in the Turkish occupied north of Cyprus, bringing the total to six. The latest case was a resident of the occupied areas who had returned from the UK.

Source: Cyprus News Agency