Cyprus Minister calls on EU counterparts to expedite evaluation process for Schengen candidate countries

Minister of Justice and Public Order of the Republic of Cyprus Emily Yiolitis called on EU counterparts, on Tuesday, to expedite and intensify the accession evaluation process for Schengen candidate countries, such as Cyprus, while intensifying police cooperation and security management across the entire block, at a doorstep statement arriving this morning at the Justice and Home Affairs Council, focusing today on Home Affairs, that takes place in Luxembourg.

More specifically, the Minister stated that “one among many other important items on the agenda is how to build a more resilient, but at the same time, more inclusive Schengen area.”

“In doing so, we must recall that not all member states are Schengen states, and at the same time the EU Schengen states may reintroduce internal border controls in response to serious public policy or security threats” she

Source: Cyprus News Agency