Cyprus Meteorology Department issues yellow thunderstorm warning

Cyprus Meteorology Department has issued a yellow warning for thunderstorms early on Wednesday morning.

The department warns that thunderstorms, probably accompanied by hail, are expected to affect the area.

It adds that locally the accumulated rainfall may exceed millimeters per hour.

In the meantime, the police have also announced that all roads leading to Troodosmountain square and its highest peak, Olympus, are open only for four-wheel drive vehicles or vehicles with anti-skid snow chains.

A heavy hailstorm was affecting the area of Platres in the morning, police said. According to the police the snow on Olympus has reached 25 centimeters and on Troodos square 15 centimeters.

The road from Gerasa village to KaloChorio village has become dangerous for vehicles due to rockfall.

The roads from Kakopetria to Karvounas and Pedoulas to Prodromos are slippery.

Drivers are urged to be particularly careful, to drive in low speed, keep their distance from other vehicles and keep their headlights on.

Source: Cyprus News Agency