Cyprus Meteorology Department announces names of high impact weather events to affect Europe and the Eastern Med

The Cyprus Department of Meteorology announced the naming of High Impact Weather events that will/or forecast to affect Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.

In a press release, it said in October 2021, the tri-national collaboration of the Hellenic National Meteorological Service of Greece, the Cyprus Department of Meteorology and the Israeli Meteorological Service, launched the process regarding the naming of high impact weather events.

For the period October 2022- September 2023 the selected names, provided in alphabetical order, were compiled jointly between the three National Meteorological Services/Departments and reflect the diversity of the countries.

The names that will be used for the upcoming period 2022-23 are: Ariel, Barbara, Cleon, Daniel, Elias, Fedra, Guy, Helena, Ionas, Jasmin, Kyros, Lahesis, Moses, Naias, Orpheas, Pnina, Rigena, Shmuel, Talia, Uranos, Vered, Xanthia, Yonatan and Zoe.

The naming of a severe weather event will be decided by representatives of services/departments during weekly (or more frequent when/if necessary) meetings.

During these virtual meetings, all available information from numerical weather models and other meteorological data will be used in the assessment of the evolution of the weather event.

The aim of this undertaking, the Meteorology Department said, is to raise public awareness through the media and to help national emergency response organizations in better communicating the impact of severe weather events, ensuring that human lives and property are safeguarded.

Source: Cyprus News Agency