CYPRUS: Leading drinks producer KEAN has more products up its sleeve

A Cyprus leader in juice and squashes, KEAN celebrating seven decades in the industry is looking to expand its activities in the food and beverages market by introducing new products to satisfy consumer demand.

KEAN, after 70 years of marketing perhaps the country’s most recognisable juices, is now seeking to put new products on the shelf, while establishing its presence in the hotel, restaurant and cafe sector with imported brands.

Talking to the Financial Mirror, Kean Soft Drinks marketing manager Marlo Evripidou, said that while the company is aiming to hold on to its 26%, and 35% market shares of local juices and citrus fruits-based soft drinks, the company is looking to expand through its exports and its imports for the HORECA sector.

He acknowledged the size of the Cypriot market is a factor limiting the growth of any local producer, combined with the fact that the juice industry has reached a saturation point.

However, the geopolitical position of Cyprus gives an international perspective to our trade, which we exploit as a company.

As Evripidou said, the company with its long-term export strategy and portfolio that includes 76 top-quality products in state-of-the-art packaging with modern design, KEAN has the potential to operate in the EU market and beyond.

KEAN’s marketing manager said that 20% of the company’s EUR 40 mln operation cycle is related to exports of juices in TetraPak, juice concentrates, soft drinks and squashes from citrus fruits to the EU and third countries.

We aim to further consolidate KEAN’s position in international trade through continuous contacts and new agreements, and to continuously upgrade our production capacity so that we can meet the growing needs from abroad, said Evripidou.

He said that despite vast quantities being exported, the company still relies on the local market.

KEAN has a good presence in the HORECA sector as one can find KEAN products, especially juices and soft drinks in traditional coffeeshops to five-star hotels who show a preference for quality products.

Evripidou noted that Brexit is a concern for its growth as the UK is one of the company’s export destinations.

We are particularly concerned over the general impact a no-deal Brexit could have on exports as Cyprus has traditionally close ties with London, said Evripidou.

He said a no-deal Brexit or hard Brexit could see taxes or tariffs imposed on Cyprus exports and imports.

Moving forward

Since 2007, said Evripidou, KEAN’s managers, feeling the juice market in Cyprus has reached a saturation point, decided to form a long-term strategic plan which would allow the company to grow by diversifying its portfolio.

The management team drew up a long-term strategy, following market trends and studying consumer preferences, with KEAN evolving into a Group of Companies, offering a huge variety of quality products that meet the needs of both the retail and HORECA sectors.

The incorporation and distribution of new products in the Group is implemented through subsidiaries such as KEAN Trading, KFL Logistics and Kean Food Link.

Our approach ensures the continued success and development of KEAN and its further consolidation and contribution to the future of Cypriot entrepreneurship.

Essentially the company is aiming to enhance its presence in the HORECA industry by importing brands such as HEINZ/KRAFT, HP, L and P, AMOY, VITALIA, FARLEY’S, CALVO (tuna and salads), GO TAN (noodles and sauces), PELLITO NUTS and other food products.

This move was the result of a long-term strategy that helped us adapt to new business challenges, keeping an eye on market trends, studying consumer preferences, identifying opportunities and anticipating emerging developments, said Evripidou.

He said the sharp increase in tourism and consequently in new hotels and other leisure enterprises, has certainly boosted the turnover of companies working in the HORECA industry, vindicating KEAN’s turn towards this sector.

Source: The Financial Mirror