CYPRUS: Larnaca airport duty free shopping area undergoes facelift

Hermes Airports, the operator of Larnaca and Paphos Airports, said construction work for the redesign of shops and restaurants has begun inside the Retail Area of Larnaca Airport by CTC-ARI and Cyprus Airports F and B Ltd.

The construction work is expected to last 18 months and will take place in phases. Phase 1 which is expected to last until October 2019 includes the redesign of Burger King and Costa Coffee as well as the Perfumes and Cosmetics section.

Temporary shops for these three areas are already in full operation in order to best serve the passengers.

Upon completion of the works, the passengers will travel through a modern redesigned area, said Hermes.

? defined walkway will provide a natural way of navigating through the space which will facilitate passenger flow while encouraging exploration of the shopping and dining opportunities, it added.

Hermes said new brands will be introduced in the retail, food and beverage areas which will satisfy the needs of a wide spectrum of travellers offering an improved shopping experience.

It is noted that the work taking place will not affect the operation of the airport and the passengers travelling through it and every effort will be made in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Source: The Financial Mirror