CYPRUS: Land development on British Bases to go ahead later this year

Provisions agreed between Cyprus and Britain that allows development of properties located within British Bases territory will be implemented early autumn, following the conclusion of an environmental study, Nicosia said.

Stakeholders were briefed about the implementation of an agreement that relaxes building restrictions on land within the British military bases, during a meeting at the Presidential Palace chaired by President Nicos Anastasiades.

The President expressed his satisfaction, because after a thorough process it is now possible for communities and for thousands of residents and real estate owners to benefit from the development potential that arises from the accord, a statement said.

During the meeting, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Interior and officials briefed communities about the final regulations agreed between state authorities and the British side, as well as about the development potential.

These regulations will be implemented in the beginning of next autumn, following the completion of a strategic environmental study that has already started.

Local authorities thanked the President and the government, as well as the competent authorities for working in order to implement the general agreement, underlining its historic importance and its positive effect on local communities, the announcement adds.

More talks will follow between government services and local communities in the coming weeks.

Source: The Financial Mirror