Cyprus is a strategic partner for China, Shanghai’s Municipal People’s Congress Director says

Cyprus is a strategic partner in terms of its geographical location, with a very special and strong competitiveness, and a country that plays an increasingly stronger role in the EU, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress of Shanghai Yin Yicui said on Tuesday, during a meeting with Cyprus House President Demetris Syllouris, who is heading a delegation visiting China, at the invitation of China’s National People’s Congress.

Yicui said that over the past two years, since Syllouris’ last visit to Shanghai, there was great progress in trade and cultural cooperation, in exchange of visits by government and parliamentary institutions and business groups.

She went on to note that Cyprus economy is really booming and growing very well. I took special notice of the figures of Cyprus’ economic growth. It is very encouraging and quite optimistic for all of us, she noted, speaking through an interpreter.

Referring to the meeting which the Cypriot delegation will have in Beijing with the Chairman of China’s National People’s Congress, Yicui said that we believe that we will have even stronger legislative institutions ties and this is an important component of the Belt and Road initiative.

Moreover she noted that we would like to have everybody in the world to come here to see what the Chinese market has to offer, adding that Shanghai’s growth and development does not belong only to the city, it is just a small epitome of the whole picture of China’s growth.

On his part, Syllouris said that the friendship between Cyprus and China has yielded results. I am very optimistic from what I have seen today and what I heard from President Xi Zinping last night and today that creates a new framework of further cooperation, he added.

Syllouris said that the last time he was in Shanghai, Cyprus was not part of the Belt and Road initiative, it was only part of the cultural aspect but not of business and economic development.

Since then and with the cooperation of the Ambassador of China to Cyprus and with the help of many of you I met we signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between the parliament of Cyprus and the National People’s Congress of China, he added, noting that we are the first European Parliament that signed such a Memorandum with China.

Based on that we promote more practical cooperation, Syllouris said, expressing the belief that after his current visit there will be a new era of more practical cooperation. We are going to encourage Cypriot entrepreneurs to see China with more interest. We have already decided that the parliament, CIPA (Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency) and the government will work together to promote business to business cooperation, he added.

We are here with concrete results and promising a future with more cooperation, Syllouris concluded.

The Cypriot delegation comprises MPs Nicos Tornaritis, Yiorgos T. Georgiou, Christakis Tziovanis, Yiorgos Prokopiou, Elias Myritanthous and Michalis Giorgallas.

Member of the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency Board of Directors Nicolas Theocharides also participates in the delegation.

On Wednesday Syllouris and the delegation will fly to Beijing where they will hold separate meetings with the Chairman of the National Peoples Congress Li Zhanshu and the China-Cyprus Friendship Group, the Chairman of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Wang Yang and the Chairman of the Chinese Peoples Institute of Foreign Affairs Wang Chao.

Source: Cyprus News Agency