CYPRUS: Investment funds assets under management rise to EUR 6.7 bln

Assets Under Management (AUM) and Undertakings of Collective Investments (UCIs) in Cyprus rose to Euros 6.7 bln in Q1 2019, a 7% increase on the previous quarter.

According to the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commissions (CySEC) quarterly report for Q1 2019, the total number of supervised entities reached 187 Undertakings for Collective Investments (UCIs) and Management Companies for UCIs, of which 118 are active, while 83 are Externally Managed UCIs, 64 are Internally Managed UCIs, and 40 are External Managers.

The total number of Management Companies includes 27 Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs), 73 sub-threshold AIFMs and 4 Management Companies for UCITs.

According to CySEC, from the Euros 6.7 bln AUM, around 98% came from the Investment Funds Sector and only 2% are sub threshold AIFMs � closed-ended Investment Companies listed on the CSE.

As far as UCITS’ investment policy is concerned, they invest 79% of their AUM in Transferrable Securities and 11% in Bank Deposits.

According to the report, 49% of the AIFs and AIFLNPs, AUM are invested in Equity and 15% in Real Estate.

Regarding the investment policy of sub-threshold AIFMs – closed-ended Investment Companies listed on the CSE, 49% is invested in Transferrable Securities and 27% is invested in Real Estate.

In total, there are 109 active UCIs, which hold a total Euros 6.5 bln of AUM, of which 73% is held by 97 UCIs domiciled in Cyprus (10 UCITS, 29 AIFs and 58 AIFLNPs).

From 109 active UCIs, 77 UCIs invest in Cyprus entirely or partially and Euros 1.8 bln is invested in Cyprus (27%). 59% of investments in Cyprus are in Equity, while 15% of investments are in Real Estate.

Source: The Financial Mirror